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+ name// Rob
+ age// Old enough to drink. Illegally. 16.
+ location// Edison, NJ.
+ sex// yes please! Male

+ top five bands//
-Brand New
-Coheed&Cambria (the names of my hampsters who i share with steph (BROKENSTARRS)
-the bank robbers
+ top four movies//
-Breakfeast Club
-Sixteen Candles
-Tommy Boy
-Old School
+ top three tv shows//
-Aqua Teen Hunger Force
-Family Guy
-Trading Spaces
+ top two songwriters//
-Billy Joel (Musically and Lyrically...he's talented as all hell. Plus his Fantasies and Dilusions compositons were amazing solo piano pieces)
-Geroge Harrison (for those who don't know, few i hope lol, george wrote many great beatles songs, and amazing solo works too. george harrison was an awesome guitar player, but the progressions he came up with are even more awesome.)
+ top cd you own//
Beatles - 1
+ tell us why you're an asshole//
Because its 6:41 in the morning. I havent slept. I'm filling out an application for my awesome friend jill, and my amazing girlfriend Steph, whom i absolutley adorrrre.
+ pictures//you get two. deal with it.

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