torismith (torismith) wrote in asshole_xcore,

+ name: tori
+ age: 17
+ location: maryland
+ sex: female

+ top five bands: nin, pantera, rascal flatts, system of a down, the beatles (i have a very wide range of musical interests)
+ top four movies: a beautiful mind, dumb and dumber, mr and mrs smith, wedding crashers
+ top three tv shows: best week ever, friends, i love the 90's
+ top two songwriters: jack johnson, jewel
+ top cd you own: a downward spiral (nin)

+ tell us why you're an asshole: i judge people based on looks, race, weight, political views, etc. before i get to know them and it's difficult to change my mind. and if somebody says something stupid i'll let them know (but i see this more of a weeding out the dumbasses in this world)
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