she simply will not die. (brokenstarrs) wrote in asshole_xcore,
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+ Name// steph
+ Age// 17
+ Location// south brunswick, nj
+ Sex// chick

+ Top Five bands//
- pretty girls make graves
- death cab for cutie
- me without you
- nora
- hopesfall
+ Top Four movies//
- tommy boy
- crazy/beautiful
- a clockwork orange
- virgin suicides
+ Top Three tv shows//
- family guy
- aqua teen hunger force
- futurama
+ Top Two songwriters//
- elton john
- the beatles
+ Top cd you own//
- through being cool - saves the day

+ tell us why you're an asshole// ..hmm lets see, i am obnoxious in public all the time, i have a big mouth thats never shut, and i criticize just about everyone i see.
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